Monday, October 24, 2005

Finally...Thank God!!!

Batam, 21st October 2005

Life offers many unpredictable things! True indeed!
When I looked back years that have passed me by, I was shocked, amazed, and finally took a deep breath.
God has a very special way to bring me this far, and I’m grateful for that.
There were times that full of tears, hopelessness, despair, depression. Those times when my self confidence and pride (something that I proudly have) fell down to zero level, times when I don’t feel like going out and meeting friends, times when I prefer to be alone in my room with no single light, times when a lot of question kept knocking on my head.
What am I, who am I, where am I, what I wanna be, who I wanna be, where I wanna be, what I really wanna do, how I wanna fill my life, ….
Those times when I really felt tired living my life, tired having to struggle all the time in order to survive, tired….. I was just tired…:-(((

Now when my first novel is published, I choose to be alone in my room again, doing nothing, and start thinking while looking back to those times. Alhamdulillah, God has put me in those difficult times to let me know myself better, realized what I really wanna do in this life.

I’d like to thank God for not making my life too smooth and easy, but challenging and full of obstacles instead, which makes me count each blessing with grateful. Thanks to Mom and Dad for showering me with love, affection, and continuous prayers. Sis and bro who always watched my steps very closely (Phew!) and nieces and nephew who makes me realized I’m growing older and older each day! And 1 special sister, Riana Alfiani “I do care about you!”.
Friends who were there (willingly or not :-)) ; Yuli Berliantin, Pandini Dwi (those times spent to read the novel draft), Gopal Molakal (syukriya for sharing some uncensored stories ..), Rashid Mohiuddin (you inspired me in a special way), and IATSS alumnae especially : David Dev Peter, and Nicky Conde Esmero. KJI groups, especially Mbak Dyah for legal advice (gratis lho…hehehe), Kosi for being patience with me during those difficult times and Mbak Septi for introducing me to Arul Khana. Thanks to Pak Arul Khana (PT Mandar Tiga Utama) for saying that “Nad” is an interesting novel. (You have no idea how much those words mean to me!)

Anddddd……to everybody under Grasindo, especially Mbak Siska (gak bosen2 meladeni telponku), Mas Bimo (suaranya empuk, euy…hehehe), and mbak Mira (your kind attention).
From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to say: “Thank You!” (terima kasih, buhut syukriya, matur nuwun, well, that wont change the meaning, anyway)

Enjoy reading my novel: “Life Begins at Fatty”

This journey of life is not ended yet……


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