Friday, May 20, 2005

Cinta tak kan Usai..., (a never ending love...,)

”She understood and you don’t have to explain about our marriage anymore to her. Soon, after this is over, you can continue your relationship with her. Well, this is just an episode that has never existed in your life. Something that you have to forget, for good!”
“Reni, why are you doing this? Why are you so nice to me?”
“We’re not enemy. And didn’t I tell you that I don’t like taking advantage on you and making things worse!”

Andre is a man who is not interested in marriage, but he is obliged to obey his dying father. Afraid of losing his freedom, Andre decided to go for a marriage by 6 months contract. The Bride, Reni, is willing to do that for 200 millions Rupiah. The money will be used for her breast cancer operation. Later on, Andre found out about his wife illness, just when she is in comma, with no hope for getting conscious again.
How the feelings grow between them and will the marriage lasted forever will be described beautifully here.
Published : December 2005
Publisher : Grasindo

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Life Begins at Fatty....


“Now, listen to me! I don’t give a damn any reason ur visiting me. But keep it very clear that I’m very disturbed with ur behaviour, showing up at my door unexpectedly and …”
“Should I call first?”
“Well, since you don’t like sudden visit, does that mean I have to call u first?”
“No, don’t bother to call me because …”
“Not a bother at all. Anyway, your mobile number is written on the card you gave me that day in a party!”
“Hey! You took my name card without permission. And don’t turn the fact like that!”
“Btw, did you study Law before?
“No, why?”
“Ah, just asking!”

“Nad” is the story about a girl who struggles to find her love. Being a fat girl with no self confidence, her journey becomes more challenging and difficult. Until one day, a handsome neighbor moves in to a house opposite hers. Then the love story began. Things are not so smooth, especially when one sexy and attractive girl comes in their way.
How Nad deals with her life as well as her love story is what this novel is all about.
Published : October 2005
Publisher : Grasindo

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